“Science for kids” – platform with scientific content

“Science for kids” is an initiative that comes from a group of scientists and it’s open for everyone. The platform is non-commercial and its aim is to promote the scientific culture and mental gymnastics for the younger generations. At the same time, it can also be used as a source for digital educational resources that can be directly used in the educational process. 

“Science for kids” is formed by the patronage of the civil initiative Qantarot. The following partners joined the initiative as well: OHO with the aim to encourage the digital transformation of the Macedonian education and the NGO Dig-Ed whose mission is to promote digital resources in education. 

The Covid-19 virus pandemic made everyone seriously to think about the digitalization of the Macedonian education. During these times, the parents also understood that their children had a limited concentration in a situation where they are not together with their peers and teachers. The teachers became also aware that the system was not made to support distance learning and that the educational content needed to be adapted to the new age. The scientists were given the chance to promote scientific literacy among the children by using resources that were easily available. 

There are three types of activities, which are available on the website “Science for kids”:

  1. With the cooperation with FuseSchool certain science videos that are made as interactive lessons were annotated or translated in Macedonian. In addition, with the help from OHO some of the videos were voiced over in Macedonian as well.
  2. The scientists that joined the initiative created their own experiments and instructions for scientific experiments that can be performed at home. These are shared with the hashtag #Stay at home and experiment!
  3. At the same time, students from the IT faculty Finki created short videos for experiments that can also be performed at home and were share on social media networks with the hashtag #Science for kids. 

This initiative plans to translate at least 100 educational videos. Additionally the possibility to insert questions with interactive answers within the videos is also planned. 

The hope is that the number of videos will grow as time passes by and that more teachers, students and science enthusiasts will join the initiative. The aspiration is that more digital educational resources and content in Macedonian will be published. 

Author: K. Todorovski (8-4)

Photos: from the website Science for kids 

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator

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