Media literacy experts participated in a roundtable on students’ media habits

We have completed another task in our Erasmus + project ” Young journalists of today, responsible digital citizens of tomorrow!”. Our school organized a round table “Media habits of primary school students, what about digital magazines for children.”

The roundtable was held through the Google Meet app at 24 February, with the support of the portal

The panelists were the following experts in media literacy:

• dr. Sc. Lana Ciboci, vice president of the Society for Communication and Media Culture

• dr. Sc. Srećko Listeš – Senior Advisor for the Croatian Language, from Croatian Agency for Education

Igor Weidlich – Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper and portal “Global” published by the Faculty of Political Science

Maja Flego – advisor in the Office of the Ombudsperson for Children

Patricia Čretni, Stela Tonner and Niko Radujković, high school students and members of the Network of Young Advisors to the Ombudsperson for Children (MMS)

Dražen Hoffman, coordinator of educational programs in Gong

Marin Ilej, Head of Communications at UNICEF Croatia

Sandra Maričić – editor of the media literacy show “Five for Five” of the First Program of  the Croatian Radio

The round table was attended also by Stojanka Lesički – editor-in-chief of our “Klinček” and coordinator of the Erasmus + project “Young journalists of today, responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” and  Petra Kušec – member of the journalist group of the Sveti Petar Orehovec Elementary School.

All participants supported our idea that it is necessary to establish a digital newspaper for students from primary schools at the state level. /Stojanka Lesički/

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