You adults who dumped garbage in the Stražinec forest, you made us mad!

We will continue to photograph wild landfills and send them to our Municipality

On Wednesday 24 February 2021, fourth graders went with our teacher Nataša Tumpak Brčić for a walk. The occasion was a beautiful day, and on a walk, through nature, we always learn something. This time we learned how not to treat nature.

Walking along the forest in the area that our locals call Stražinec, we saw a bunch of discarded garbage. There were plastic shampoo bottles and cleaning products, black bags filled with different types of waste, car tires, and even one toilet bowl. At school, we constantly learn that nature should be treated carefully and protected. By littering the forest, we do not protect nature but pollute it. Some of the discarded substances can harm animals and nature, and this is then passed on to humans. That’s what we learn at school, and we’d like grown men who dumped this garbage to know.

That’s why my friend Lea Horvat photographed that trash, and I decided to write this text. We hope that some of our adult locals will also read it. It would be good if those who dumped it there would see it. I want them to know that they offended me and my classmates. We know that garbage is taken from our household every two weeks by the Križevci Utility Company. We also know that the utility company once a year disposes of bulky waste from our households. All they have to do is call them and ask them to dispose the waste properly.

So why do some of our irresponsible residents feel the need to dump garbage in the woods? Is it easier for them to throw garbage in the woods than wait for utility workers to drive it away? I don’t know if they learned at school about nature protection, but if they didn’t, let them listen to their children. We would like something to change about these inappropriate littering habits, so we decided to keep taking pictures and write about it. We also decided to send the photos to our municipality in the hope that they would do something to change it. /Ema Pacur, 4th  grade; photo:  Lea Horvat, 4th grade/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper KLINČEK.

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