Mass media in the education of young people

Today, the classroom is no longer the only place to study. School is no longer the only factor on which the good preparation and information of the child depends. The way of assimilating the life experience, by children and especially of the moral and ethical knowledge, of the models of conduct has also changed.

Following the investigations, it was established that the preferred occupation of younger children is computer games (48%), they often watch TV (36%), listen to music (4%), and the press is read by 12%.

Mass-Media can keep children in a world of information in which the imaginary and the real are confused, creating a surface culture, seductive, but in fact being an illusion.

The proper use of the media requires a certain training of students, parents, but also teachers in this regard.

In front of the school, there is the problem of offering students methods of intellectual work, with procedures and skills to learn and especially to reflect on what they have learned.

The school must, first of all, teach the students how to receive the information from the most varied sources, how to delight, to put in order, to integrate the received information. Thus, there is a need for activities aimed at an education for the media.

If the main objective of the school activity is to prepare the youth for life, for the social and cultural reality, then it is no less important that the whole task is also the main task of preparing the new generations in such a way that they are able to select and use the multitude of values.

Media education refers to the ability to access the media, to understand and critically evolve various aspects of them and their content.

The media tries to satisfy the interest that students show in knowing the great problems that contemporary society faces.

Also, the special objective of several radio and television shows, columns in the pages of magazines and newspapers, is the training of young people, their school and professional orientation, and even the transmission of information related to civic education of young people, the formation of their political culture. .

But if the interest of young people will be oriented towards “inappropriate” information, then wherever they go they will look for this type of information. One of the problems of the internet is the violent computer games, their producers being more interested in the economic side, the profit. Another problem is that these games are often addictive.

Here are two quotes about education and personal development:

“Intelligence plus character – this is the real purpose of education.” (Martin Luther King Jr)

 “Whoever rules the school, decides on the future, on the tendency of life and on life itself.”(Adolph Diesterweg)

Popescu Maria(5A)

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper  MEDIAGENER@TION


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