Marija Spasovska – a talented young singer who enthuses with her powerful voice

Marija Spasovska is a fifteen years old girl who represented Macedonia on the Junior Eurovision contest 2018 where she sang the song Home and took the 12th place in the contest. She also plays different instruments and her hobby is singing and playing not only her own songs, but a lot of different songs that she publishes on her YouTube channel. We had an opportunity to meet Marija Spasovska and have an interview with her.

L.A. IN-formator: Where did the idea to enter the Eurovision contest come from?

M.S: I always wanted to sing on the Eurovision stage. When I was young I watched all the Eurovision contests and I couldn’t wait to grow up and get the chance to be part of the show. When I saw the announcement on MTV TV channel about the Junior Eurovision I when to the audition and I was chosen to represent Macedonia, which was one of my dreems. 

L.A. IN-formator: Did you plan to record your own song before you took part in the Eurovision?

M.S: Yes, before I took part in the Eurovision contest I recorded my first teenage song “Dance with your heart” that I recorded in Belgrade. You can see it on my YouTube channel.

L.A. IN-formator: How did you enter the Eurovision contest?

M.S: As I already mentioned, in the summer, I saw an announcement on MTV TV channel and I told my parents that I would like to go to the audition. They supported my wish and took me to the audition that was held in the MTV studio. There I sang two songs for the judges. A short time after the audition, I got the call that I was chosen to represent Macedonia in the contest.  

L.A. IN-formator: Is there anything special that ties you to music?

M.S: For me music is everything and it something that is present in my life every day. I can’t single out one special moment that ties me to music because ever since I was young I’ve sang and it has always been a part of my life. The love I feel towards music is irreplaceable.    

L.A. IN-formator: Is there any of your songs that is your favorite one?

M.S: I love all my songs in different ways and each of them is my favorite in different periods of my life, but I must say that I am practically connected to my new song in which I am the author of the music and text. I am very excited and happy to have been able to create this piece of art at such a young age. 

L.A. IN-formator: Which instruments do you play?

M.S: I can play the violin, piano and guitar, but I spend most of my tome playing the piano. I practice for several hours every day and try to improve myself more and more. However, I must say that the violin is my first love, because that is the instrument I learnt to play first.

L.A. IN-formator: What did it feel like taking part in the Junior Eurovision contest?

M.S: It was incredible; you can actually describe the feeling. Nothing can replace that experience and I am very grateful to have been able to get the chance to be part of such a show. 

L.A. IN-formator: What did you like the most in the contest?

M.S: Everything was incredible. The Eurovision contest is an international event and everything was perfectly organised. The stage was spectacular and the moments spend on it are one of my favorite movements in the contest. 

L.A. IN-formator: What did it feel like to be able to compete against young people from all over the world?

M.S: It was a very special feeling. I met many talented young performers, we were able to hang out together during the event and I am glad to say that I am in contact with a lot of them even now.  .

L.A. IN-formator: Who is your favorite singer?

M.S: Toshe Proevski and Kaliopi are definitely on top of my list of favorite singers, but I also often listen to Adele. 

Author: M.Kuzmanovak (5-1)

Photos; internet  

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 


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