The application Walkiie among the seven winners in the world’s competition “Ideas for action”

Walkiie is a mobile application that can be used by children and young people with disabilities. This application is made by a group of young volunteers, Elena, Laze I Dzvezda who are a part of the team “Something atypical”, that was one of the winners in the national youth challenge „Generation without borders“. The aim of the Walkiie application is to connect the children and young people with disabilities and their parents and guardians with volunteers who can help them by taking them on walks in order for them to be able to be more social and included into society.  

At the same time, the Walkiie application, in competition with other four thousand ideas, was among the seven winners in the world’s competition “Ideas for action” (Ideas4Action), that was organised by the World Bank and the Ziklin Center of the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania (Source)

At the moment, the application is available for Android on PlayStore, and they are working on for it to be available for AppStore as well. The way Walkiie application works is that after it is downloaded, every user makes its own profile. After that, you get the option to choose whether you want to be a beneficiary (customer) or a volunteer. The volunteer can than leave his/her biography and periods when he/she is available, while the beneficiary (customer) can see the list of volunteers and choose the volunteer that suits them best. The security for the users of this application is quite high because of the application interface that allows the beneficiaries (customers) to be able to review the information of the volunteers while the volunteers cannot see the information of beneficiaries, but it allows the parents and guardians to be able to choose the times and periods for the meet-ups.

The inspiration to create this application were the people with disabilities themselves, or in other words, the desire for them to be equal with the rest of the people despite the disadvantages they face. While the team was working on the application, they were aware of the challenges people with disabilities face, but at the same time, they were able to dive deeper into the problems these people are face with. The support the team got from the parents was also a big help.

The application promotion was supposed to be done through the schools, but due to the pandemic with Covid-19 virus that arrived in the meantime, they only managed to visit only one school where the interest to become volunteers was high. Later, because of the pandemic, they started promoting the application though phone calls and through the   social media networks.

The main aim of the application is to promote socialization of people with disabilities. The application also has many benefits such as: gaining new friendships, large social inclusion of people with disabilities as well as the possibilities for the parents of children with disabilities to be able to have more time for themselves, something that they never had before. 

Author: A. Dzugovska (9-1)

Photos: internet

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 


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