Almost a thousand kuna ‘taken’ from parents’ account for kid’s video game

Here is the catch – our questioner showed that more than half the parents of the questioned students don’t have any rules regarding playing video games

It is not unusual to see sleepy students during the lessons. That can happen to anyone from time to time, but it usually happens to those who play video games deep into the night or even till the morning. Yes, we are not wrong. You read it right, there are students who told us that they have played video games well past midnight or even until 3 or 4 in the morning on the school days when they have classes in the morning shift from 8 o’clock.

There are also some students who spend a lot of money on games. That is not too big of a problem if their parents are aware of that, but a few days ago we found out that one of our students has spent almost a thousand kuna (about 130 €)  from his parents’ without them knowing any of that. Without thinking too much, he clicked that he wants to buy something for the videogame he played and in just a couple of seconds the money was gone. Examples like this one were our motivation to dedicate our MAIN TOPIC to the habits of the students in playing videogames, and that is why we have conducted a survey among our students to get a glimpse into their habits.

Results showed the following; among 146 students who took part in the survey, 146 of them (81, 7%) mostly play games on their smartphones. We have also found out what percentage of parents have set some rules for their children regarding videogames. We think that the catch why our students yawn during the lessons is right here, in the lack of rules set by parents about playing video games.

We came to that conclusion because a bit more than half of our students (53%) said that they don’t have any rules set by their parents regarding video games. Most students from 4th grade have some rules set by the parents. From 17 fourth-graders, 12 of them (70%) have some sort of rules regarding videogames. Students from 7th grades have the least rules set by their parents. From 24 surveyed seventh-graders, 80% of them said that they don’t have any rules regarding video games. /Lara Trušček, 6B/

The original article is published in school digital newspaper KLINČEK.

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