Our Erasmus+ worskhops were perforemed as part of Croatian Media Literacy Days

Our school has joined the Media Literacy Days. This event is being organized for the fourth year in a row by the Agency for Electronic Media and the UNICEF Office for Croatia.

This year, it has been proposed that activities be held during   19 – 25 April, but due to the pandemic, it is possible to carry out activities and in the week before and after that week. We held activities this week.

Each school can carry out different activities in order to increase media literacy. We decided to hold some of our Erasmus + workshops.

These workshops are performed in the following classes:

Privacy in the media – 6. a – 12 April

Fake news – 7. a – 13 April

Be a speaker – 4th grade – 15 April

Image power – 4th grade – 16 April

Activities carried out in our school are mentioned in the PROGRAM of events on the Media Literacy portal.  /Stojanka Lesički/

Workshop “Image power” – class 4 – 16 April 2021
Works shop “How to become a TV announcer” – class 4 -15 April 2021
Workshop “Fake news” – 7 A class – 13 April 2021
Workshop “Media privacy” – 6 A class – 12 April 2021

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