For the first time with young people about young people

Another activity of the project “First time with young people about young people” was realized, which is implemented by the association Okular from Ćićevac with the Sombor Educational Center and the organization CEKOS from Sonta, through the Erasmus + project co-financed by the European Union – round table.
This round table was attended by 36 participants, 25 young people, and the rest were decision makers, young people who will soon fall into the category of young people, but also young people who are slightly older than 30 years.

Young people from our municipality had the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with decision makers and representatives of institutions through which they go as young people at different ages.
Participants expressed great interest in youth policy and activism through a session on activism in rural areas. At this session, young people talked about how important it is for them that decision makers have a constant dialogue with them. As they say, it is necessary to be interested and talk to young people about their interests. They indicated that they lack sports and cultural events in Ćićevac, informative and educational workshops on topics: entrepreneurship, rights, freedom, discrimination, tolerance, equality and leadership.

Representatives of institutions and institutions supported young people and their work. “Young people in Ćićevac are exceptional. We are very glad that Ćićevac is represented by these young people who break all prejudices about activists from smaller places. You are always ready to help and contribute to communities. We owe you gratitude for growing into such people. We are glad that you represent us in the best light, “said the director of the kindergarten.

The participants noticed that in rural areas we do not appreciate young people enough and that they are leaving because of that. “We need help, in every sense of the word. We want to live with dignity, freedom and satisfaction in our place. We are not happy when we have to leave home, family and friends, but sometimes we see it as the only solution. These types of activities for young people show our desire to stay here and change something. They show our struggle for a better status in a society where we are equal to “adults” and their work “- said one of the participants.
Dialogue was singled out as a solution to all the problems that young people face. They believe that it is necessary to actively conduct a dialogue with decision makers, whether directly or indirectly. Decision-makers need to pay a little more attention to young people and they are ready to do many things and change many situations.

“Our voice is not heard enough. Although we try, what we do is generally not enough. We do not have the opportunity to freely express our opinion and be recognized as initiators of change. That is one of the great obstacles and obstacles for us in our work and activism, “the participants report.
Representatives of institutions and institutions had understanding and together came to a solution with young people who expressed dissatisfaction. “We understand you. We understand that times are different and that everyone has different needs. We understand that sometimes you feel helpless. We are ready to help you and meet you. It should be that way. We all make up this community, not just us “adults” – say decision makers.

The round table was realized successfully. For a small municipality, this is a great success. We should be proud of young people who are always full of ideas, suggestions, ambition and desire for a better tomorrow. /Sanja Ivanović/

Original article is published in school digital magazine  ĐAČKA ISKRA

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