Great karate players are the pride of Ćićevac

During the pandemic, our small place became the center of Serbian karate, and our Sports Hall brings together the best competitors in this sport in Serbia. On Sunday 4. 4.2021. in Ćićevac, the karate competition of the JKA Shotokan Association of Serbia was held in the technical organization of the Karate Club “Shotokan Ći” Ćićevac.

22 karate clubs with 350 competitors from: Aleksandrovac, Batocina, Belgrade, Becej, Koceljevo, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Krusevac, Lapovo, Nis, Novi Pazar, Obrež, Padina, Požega, Pukovac, Rača, Svilajnac, Trstenik, Čačak and the Municipality of Ćićevac. took part in this competition, which followed a break of 6 months, caused by the pandemic of the corona virus.

The sponsor of this competition was the Municipality of Ćićevac, and the competition was also supported by BLD 037, Supermarket “MOST MM” Ćićevac and Inter Wood Plus. The team of the Red Cross Ćićevac was in charge of first aid at the competition. The media sponsor of this competition was Ćićevac info, and the friend of the competition was Okular.

The competition was opened by the Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Pešić. Also, the president of JKA Shotokan of the Association of Serbia, Marko Tomić, and the deputy president of the Municipality of Ćićevac, Aleksandar Šulić, attended the competition.

“We are extremely proud to be the first technical organizer to introduce cash prizes for all senior champions, as well as cups for the most successful clubs, the most successful contestant and the youngest participants in this competition,” said Lazar Radisavljevic, coach of Cicevac and tournament organizer.

The youngest competitor at the tournament was the karate player of the Ćićevac club, Vukašin Zvijer, and the most successful fighter of the arena 4, Hana Mićić.

The most successful clubs in the tournament:

1. Karate club “Shotokan Ći” Ćićevac

2. Karate club “Kruševac”

3. Karate club “Kragujevac”

4. Karate club “Aleksandrovac”

5. Karate club “Bushido NB” Nis

In the municipality of Ćićevac, in our sports hall, the JKA 2021 Champions Cup will be held, under the auspices of the Municipality of Ćićevac and in the technical organization of the club from Ćićevac, on Saturday, April 24, 2021. We wish the karate players from Ćićevac many more medals and success! /Jovana Vidačak/

Original article is published in school digital magazine  ĐAČKA ISKRA

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