Instruments of manipulation in the media

Workshop was held on 26 Aprile 2021

Instruments of manipulation in the media is a very interesting workshop that has attracted a lot of attention from students. It was conceived by a teacher from a partner school in Romania. The workshop was a lively discussion about how certain media manipulate their readers / viewers. It is interesting that the students did not notice that someone was manipulating them, which can lead us to the conclusion that their youth (primary school age) is unspoiled and that the very recognition of this phenomenon comes only later. We left the assignments for homework, since the workshop was of limited duration, and we spent more time talking, so this article will be upgraded with assignments that students will do at home and submit to the teachers. 

Student Comments: Sergeј: “I didn’t notice anyone manipulating, I don’t see what I’m not interested in.” 

Andjelija: “I noticed that there are commercials in the videos I watch, but I never buy it, if I don’t need it, so it doesn’t affect me.”

Stefan: “I read the news that interests me, I skip what doesn’t interest me. We all look at it that way in the house. “

We also talked about the ideals of beauty that are served to us in the media. Not everyone is perfectly beautiful, ideally does not exist. However, since the students showed exceptional knowledge of Photoshop and embellishment techniques and looked at it critically, the workshop turned into a philosophical discussion. We had fun, try it yourself, you have something to learn! 

Original article is available in school digital magazine ĐAČKA ISKRA.


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