The municipal mayor Franjo Poljak praised our action of removing trash from the Rogosci forest

We filled almost the entire tractor trailer with waste

“Don’t be mean, put trash in the bin!”, Protect forests and breathe easily”, Forests are not rubbish bins”, “Garbage in bins, not in the woods!”, “Protect the forest and breathe healthy!”, “Forests are not rubbish bins!”. This messages can be found in five different places in the Rogosca forest. Written on oak boards, will warn passers-by for a long time that the forest is not a place for waste disposal. The messages were written by a local Marijan Kos and set up by our  while we were removing the trash from the forest, they were set up by the school janitor Ivica Biškup, principal Stjepan Lučki and Kristijan Kranjec, an employee of the Municipal St. Petar Orehovec.

There were 34 of us. The whole fourth grade of teacher Nataša Tumpak Brčić and several students from fifth and sixth grades, mostly members of the school Eco Group. We deployed on both sides of the forest in search of waste. We all had work to do because there was a so much waste of all kinds in the forest. We came across different cans of drinks, boxes, plastic bags, shoes, blankets, diapers and even cattle bones. All these things were dumped by irresponsible people in this beautiful forest that leads from Gorica Miholečka to Fodrovec.

Mateo Franjčević – The Most Dedicated Participant

The municipal mayor Franjo Poljak, who joined our action together with his deputy Dragutin Hendelja, praised our diligence. He said that we worked very hard, and he especially emphasized the commitment of the student Mateo Franjčević. Mateo was a champ and he did not fail to pick up even the smallest piece of paper – said Poljak. After our action, it was clear that Mateo did not hesitate to step into the mud to pick trash. The mud was not only on his boots but also on his trousers, T-shirt and even his face, because he crawled into a mud ditch from which he pulled out a plastic cassette and plastic bags of fertilizer.

As for the video recorded by our filmmaker Luka Šok, municipal mayor Poljak said that he was surprised by the irresponsibility of people who throw waste into nature, given that in the Municipality of Sveti Petar Orehovec organized waste collection has existed since 2002. We, the children, also do not understand why our fellow citizens cannot get rid of old habits and start throwing waste in the bins they have in their households.

The idea for this action originated in the international project “P.S. Let’s play the fraternity card!”

With this action of removing trash from the Rogosci forest, we want to warn the locals that such irresponsible actions towards nature should be stopped. That is why, in addition to the cleaning action, we had also prepared about 300 leaflets, which were distributed among the households by our students. The leaflets were made to remind the locals that the Križevci Utility Company also provides them with free collection of bulky waste. We would like this action of ours to act on the consciousness of our the locals and that in the future all waste be thrown in bins intended for that purpose.

Lastly, it should be said that the idea for this action came from the project called “P.S. Let’s play the fraternity card!  Thanks to the participation in this international project, our school received 2,300 kuna for the implementation of this action. From that money, gloves, tools, garbage bags were procured, but also sandwiches, juices and chocolates, which we used to refresh ourselves at the end of the action of removing waste from the forest. / Karla Kos, 6. a; photo: S. L. /

Original article is published in school digital magazine KLINČEK

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