European project “School of Entrepreneurs”

On May 22nd 2021, the final conference of the “School of Entrepreneurs” project, funded by the European Solidarity Corps, took place. It was my first project in which I participated as a volunteer, and during my activities, I had so much to learn. My path was full of opportunities and achievements, I developed both morally and socially and I learned how to promote solidarity between people and how to help other young people to do so.

This project was dedicated especially to youngsters, with the aim of familiarizing them with the concept of entrepreneurship, of encouraging them to participate voluntarily in all kinds of projects in order to help them develop socially and learn to take on certain responsibilities, aiming to build a more inclusive society, solving a societal problem and reducing the unemployment rate, especially among young people.

Within the project, 4 workshops were held, each with a different group of young people, in order to include as many people as possible in the idea of setting up their own business, the young people in the management team teaching them how to do it correctly: develop their own a business plan and sharing their experience.

The final conference of the project took place in open air, in the forest outside Alexandria. At the event, both young participants and their parents were invited. The leaders presented the project briefly, followed by volunteers who shared their experience to the public, telling them how this project taught them so many useful things and what responsibility and logical thinking meant.

The event ended with the awarding of young people with diplomas and a guide with all the stages they went through during the project, helping them to achieve the level they reached, along with the experience, knowledge, and memories added. On the whole, both leaders and volunteers achieved their final goal by working together. /Anamaria Dragu, 8A/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIAGENER@TION.

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