The Bookstore in Alexandria – a project from  heart to heart

Alexandria Bookstore is the first bookstore located in Teleorman County, Romania. It was inaugurated on September 23rd, in 2020. The bookstore is an initiative of the “Mihai Murar” Association, which is also developing the “Mobile Library” project.

This is a small bookstore for reading lovers. It is the place where book launches and activities for children are organized, the place where you can read with a tea in front of you, the space where there is free Internet and a color printer for the children in town.

The bookstore addresses both the inhabitants of the town and those of Teleorman county and will be just a place where books can be bought and cultural and artistic events will take place. Young people without material possibilities will be able to have access to a computer inside the bookstore, to do their homework, or to inform themselves. It is the soul project of the Association. All proceeds from the sale of books are used in charities and actions for children. Ever since the opening time, the volunteers of the Association launched a unique challenge: to offer children from the rural area of Teleorman county a book as a gift on the occasion of the Easter holidays. Each person would take a book to the Alexandria Bookstore, and that book would be given to less fortunate reading-loving children. As well, on Children’s Day, two creative workshops were held for the little ones. The children were able to demonstrate how creative they were.

The Alexandria Bookstore was also selected by a festival’s organizers (the “International Animation Film Festival”) to host two animated film screenings that have been be offered to the public.

Here is how, in a provincial town, a soul project is looking for volunteers for good deeds. It is based on the young population, who can thus discover the pleasure and joy of changing reality on their own. Best of luck! /Maria Popescu, 6 A/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIAGENER@TION.

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