The “Boris Trajkovski” scholarship and NOVA International high school to help me develop my talents and potential

NOVA is an independent international school located in Skopje. The requirements to get enrolled at this school are high English proficiency and Math knowledge as well as excellent achievement from the 6th to the 9th grade, a recommendation from the class teacher and another teacher who taught the student. In the course of the selection process, the candidates are tested for their English proficiency and Math. The candidates also have to send a video essay in which they present their goals in the collaborative learning, which is one of the primary values, which Nova supports, and they also have to create a team presentation of a solution for a previously set specific problem in Macedonia.

The ninth-graders Kalina Gocevska, Iskra Mitevska and Mihail Mirchevski are the 17th generation of students who are going to be enrolled at the NOVA International high school with the support of the “Boris Trajkovski – NOVA” scholarship. It covers the full amount of the expenses for their four-year-secondary education in NOVA, a period in which they expect to acquire a high-quality education through the most advanced teaching methods; develop their personal skills and abilities, cooperate with people from different cultures and turn into new community leaders, ready for the future life challenges. This year, over 100 candidates have applied for the “Boris Trajkovski -NOVA” scholarship and 20 of them passed into the second phase of the selection which has lasted for several weeks. The selection process was fully conducted online for the first time this year.

Our newspaper has prepared an interiew with Kalina Goevska, a student from the primary school “Johan Hajnrih Pestaloci” from Skopje and one of the winners of the Boris Trajkovski-NOVA” scholarships. 

L.A. IN-formator: What was your inspiration to apply to NOVA international highschool?

KG: NOVA high school has always been one of the options where I would continue my education. As my junior graduation was approaching, I decided to get to know the curriculum and the life in this school. The more I read on the internet, researched and talked to people, the more I realised that NOVA offers a lot of opportunities for my future. Especially because it is an international school, the teaching process is in English, so it is going to be easier for me to continue my education abroad. I also found out that every student’s talent and potential is detected and developed there. This is why I came to a conclusion that it would be a great idea to apply for the scholarship.

L.A. IN-formator: How long have you been working on the idea to get enrolled at NOVA and what preparations have you made to become a successful candidate?

KG: It is not possible to be fully prepared for the scholarship competition because there is little detailed information shared publically for their selection process and criteria, but you can be certain that the most important things are the English language proficiency, critical thinking and the working habits. I have been taking part in competitions in different subjects for several years now, and this has helped me build my self-confidence and knowledge, but it has not helped me to directly win the scholarship.

L.A. IN-formator: What are your expectations from your education in NOVA highschool?

KG: I have heard only good comments for the school and I have big expectations. I am sure that I will get wide education in the areas of sciences and arts, visual arts and culture. I know that I will be offered a lot of opportunities good for my future. I will also make many new friends from different backgrounds and cultures which will help me understand the world from different perspectives betterand of course have fun.   

L.A. IN-formator: What is your goal for your further education at university and why do you think studying at NOVA will help you?

KG.: To be honest, I do not have a clearly defined goal or a detailed plan. In fact, I have not really decided what career I would like to have. I hope to discover what I really like where my predispositions are in NOVA. For now, I can only say that I am fond of sciences, mostly biology and anatomy, but also arts, writing and literature to be more precise.  The only certain plan I have is to go to study at a foreign university, hopefully one of the Ivy League schools.   

L.A. IN-formator: Have you been attending additional English lessons in the past years?

KG: Yes, I have been attending English language course for 10 years now. I would like to point out that it is good to improve your English language proficiency even outside the classroom.  I often read books in English,magazines and newspapers and I am up-to date with the news.

L.A. IN-formator: What other subjects do you think will help you in NOVA?

KG: I think that you need to have certain general knowledge of all subjects. But of course, you don’t have to be the best in every one of them. As far as I know, all talents are equally appreciated and being developed and anyone can find something of their interest.

Author: G. Azmanov (8-1)

Photo: Internet

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator 

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