Sandra Maričić the editor from National radio held a workshop about radio speech

The new skills that we have learned during the workshop will be used soon while making radio shows for our new Erasmus+ project „Let’s Think Sustainably “

Student Valerija Puškar and our guest the radio editor Sandra Maričić

-When you interview the interlocutor, you need to listen to him carefully and ask him questions until you get concrete answers -. This was told to us by Sandra Maričić, host and editor of the Educational and Children’s Program of Croatian Radio at a workshop on radio and radio speech. Editor Maričić visited our school on October 7, and participants of this workshop were members of the journalist group who are also interested in radio expression.

Through a very dynamic performance, editor Maričić showed us how to read a text for the radio to interest the audience in the content, as well as interesting exercises of talking through clenched teeth and clear whispering. Each of us also had to read a text, and then Maričić told us where and what we did wrong, so we repeated until our reading was better.

We also had the opportunity to practice our interviewing skills while questioning our workshop leader. The bravest was our colleague Valerija Puškar, who did quite well in that task. At the end of the workshop, editor Maričić interviewed all of us for her show “Five for Five”. The show is dedicated to media literacy. That is why we mostly talked about the work of our film group, about the school’s digital newspaper “Klinček” and our Erasmus + projects dedicated to media literacy.

The workshop lasted about two and a half hours, but every minute and second was worth it because we have learned practically and interestingly. We will start to apply what we have learned soon because we plan to record short reports on sustainable activities in the community, for our new Erasmus + project “Let’s Think Sustainably”. /Amadea Bošnjak, 7. a; foto: S. L./


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