Our fifth graders were TV presenters/speakers

On 20 October 2021 the students from V-1 grade took part in the workshops “How to be TV presenters/speakers” which is part of our Erasmus+ KA229 project “Young journalists today – responsible digital citizens tomorrow”. The workshop was held by the classroom teacher, Tanja Josimovska.                

The workshop was a great challenge for us. Everybody was excited even though they knew there was a big and responsible task in front of us. In front of the camera, every person/child feels a bit nervous on one hand, but at the same time, he/she is proud to show what they know. 

In the beginning, presenting in front of the camera seemed easy, but when we stepped in front of the whole class and in front of the camera some kind of nervousness could be felt. While we were filming, all eyes were on the presenters so everyone made small mistakes from being nervous that made everyone laugh. In the end, we successfully fulfilled our presenter’s task. 

Autor: Milan Zdravkovski V-1 grade 

photos: J.T. 

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator

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