Spanish families Association (A.M.P.A) board of directors is renewed

On 29th October 2021, the new Board of Directors of the A.M.P.A. met at the I.E.S. Maestre de Calatrava. At 5:30pm, the new members of the association got together at I.E.S. Maestre de Calatrava where they presented some of the new projects for this academic year.

The outgoing president stated that due to COVID restrictions, they struggled to get some of the projects that had been planned previously. They also commented that, despite all those difficulties, they became even stronger trying to fulfill most of them. This happened thanks to the hard work of all the members of this Families Association, considering themselves key parts of a team rowing in the same direction.

They explained that the collected money from A.M.P.A. is usually invested in different workshops and activities. To name some of them, this year they have paid for the licenses of the digital books for those scholarship holders within the “Carmenta” project as well as affording the costs related to “The school garden” workshop, which is carried out with the cooperation of School management and Biology & Science department. Another activity that will be taking place is called “pyjama day”, taking advantage of the fact that 20th November Children’s Right Day celebration. Its purpose is just to provide visibility to children who need to stay at child protection centers. /Lucía Quiralte Tweddle,  Ana Avón Bonal, Jimena Avón Bonal; foto:  J. A./

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper CALATRAVATIMES.

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