Say NO to violence and discrimination

Sixth graders marked – Global Education Week

Between November 15-21, 2021, the students of “Mihai Eminescu” Gymnasium School from Alexandria carried out multiple activities during the Global Education Week with the theme “It’s our world! Let’s take action together”.

Specific activities take place every year in the third week of November, this year being 15-21 November 2021. Global Education Week is a program facilitated by the North-South Center of the Council of Europe and is a European awareness campaign, this one reaching its 13th edition this year.

Global Education focuses on human rights, international understanding, and cooperation, peace, sustainability and encourages solidarity, intercultural dialogue, and the learning of equality.

The slogan “It’s our world!” Let’s act together! ” it is interpreted each year according to the social context and the specificity of the year, according to the global events that do not affect existence.

One of the activities carried out by the school classes was in the 6th grade, coordinated by teacher Georgiana Gușa, with the title “Say NO to violence and discrimination!”.  The students showed throughout their presentations that the causes of violence are multiple. For example, lack of information or false information, neglect of children, bullying in schools but also in virtual spaces, especially since they have completed online school for three semesters during the Covid-19 pandemic, parents going to work abroad, but also their return home, being unemployed due to the pandemic, the loss of loved ones killed by Covid, social differences, ethnicity, etc. Students identified causes of violence in schools, both verbal and physical, and found several ways to stop them.

They expressed through the presentations that not everyone is the same, and that everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, etc. must be treated the same. The students had a small debate for each of the presentations. /Păunică Bogdan(6A)/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIAGENER@TION


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