Parents can influence how children use the media

Workshop for parents – 22 December 2021

At the Erasmus + workshop, parents searched platforms with positive content intended for children

Parents of second-grade students searched the Internet platforms with content intended for children, but also to increase the media literacy of parents. This activity took place at the workshop “Positive and negative content in the media: media influence and parents’ opportunities”(22 December) prepared as part of the Erasmus + project “Yountjournalists of today, responsible digital citizens of tomorrow”.

The present parents (9 parents), got acquainted with the following portals and repositories: Medijska pismenost,   Kutak za učenjeProjekt drugi and Juhuhu.

Workshop leader Stojanka Lesički invited parents to teach children critical thinking together with teachers and teach them to choose positive content in the media. Some are already doing so. They said that occasionally play computer games together with the children and talk about the content in the media. Such approach, conversations with children, teaching, and participating in their activities in the media is the best way for children to increase media literacy and not have negative experiences and consequences due to uncritical and excessive use of the media. At the end of the workshop, parents were given the publication “Children and the Media: A Booklet for Parents and Guardians of Children”. /S. L./

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