Children’s week in our school 

Every year, Children’s Week is reflected in the first week of October, in schools throughout Serbia. Children’s Week in our area has been celebrated since 1934 The main goal of Children’s Week is to draw public attention to the rights and needs of children. Children’s week was also held in our school and lasted from October 4, 2021. to 10.10.2021. under the slogan “A child is a child to love and understand.” 

On the first day of Children’s Week, children from 1st to 4th grade in front of the school drew with chalks on the topic “Children’s rights and needs”. They decorated the schoolyards and children from Plocnik, Pojate, and Lucina with their drawings. During the first class, children from 5th to 8th grade listened to and discussed the Convention on the Rights of the Child. On the second day of Children’s Week, children from I to IV grade dedicated to giving within the class community “Friend to friend”. The day was dedicated to toys under the slogan “Toy for another”. The children could leave their old toys in a box located in the school hall, and those toys were later handed over to the Red Cross in Ćićevac. 

On the third day of Children’s Week, children from 2nd to 8th grade wrote messages that were intended for the champions. Those were nice words, wishes, or some advice. Later that day, the champions were met in front of the municipality by the leaders of the municipality, the topic of conversation was Children’s Week. The children received gifts (light markers for use in traffic and fruit). They also got balloons on which everyone drew something they wanted, and then everyone let them fly away at the same time. Afterwards, they visited the National Library, where the children heard about the importance of reading books, and received a free membership fee for the whole year from the library. 

On the fourth day of Children’s Week, children from 1st to 8th grade exchanged roles with their teachers and taught instead. Children from 1st to 4th grade also had a race in the school yard under the slogan “Race for a happier childhood”. 

On the last day of Children’s Week, the champions watched the play “Captain John Piplefox” in the school hall, after which they watched the welcome show and received badges. Children from 5th to 8th grade had a debate on the topic “Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet”. This is the end of Children’s Week, which brought happiness and good mood to our school. /Jovana Vidačak/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper Đačka iskra.

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