Ena Mićić is a karate player of the Serbian national team 

Ena Mićić is a student of the seventh grade of the Elementary School “Dositej Obradović” in Ćićevac. Apart from school activities, she is engaged in one very beautiful sport – karate. She is so good in this sport that she joined the Serbian national team. She is proof that children can do whatever they want, we just need to work hard to succeed. Here is what Ena told us about her career as a karate athlete.

What motivated you to start practicing karate, and how long have you been practicing the sport? 

I was encouraged by the fact that I love martial arts. I have been training for 2 years. 

Did your parents support you from the beginning?

At first, they didn’t, but when they saw that I really liked it and that I was committed to training, then they supported me and are always there for me.

Which club do you train at?

My club is called” Shotokan Ci “Cicevac. It belongs to JKA federation. My coach is Lazar Radisavljevic.

 Are you happy with your coach?

Yes, the coach is very dedicated to our training and all members of our club. He is always ready to give advice, to encourage us, to encourage us, and above all to teach us new techniques in karate.

What competitions have you participated in?

So far, I have had eleven competitions, some of them are Funakoshi Cup, Champions Cup, Milos Cup, Serbian Championship, and several memorial competitions.

How many medals and diplomas did you win? 

So far, I have won 84 medals, of which 44 are gold, 29 silver, and 11 bronze, and the same number of diplomas. 

Do you have anxiety, and if you do, how do you deal with it? 

I have a lot of anxiety, and the coach and my friends from the club help me to overcome it the most.

 How did you get into the Serbian national team, and was that your main goal?

My main goal was to socialize and master karate techniques, and the choice for the Serbian national team is a reward for my work. I am very happy about that!

What will be the next step in your karate career? 

I am currently preparing for the JKA European Championship to be held in May 2022 in England.

What would you say to children who want to practice karate? 

I would recommend children to practice karate because it is a healthy and interesting sport. It teaches us self-discipline, develops a sports spirit and that victory is not important, because it teaches us to respect our opponents and every match ends with sports greeting.  /Jovana Vidačak

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper   Đačka iskra


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