How do kids experience online digital drama?

The term “digital drama” is not very common, but it refers to cyberbullying, bullying through social networks. This phenomenon, although very tragic for weak-hearted, sensitive people, happens every day, and unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we can stop him.

In order not to be morally affected by these acts, we must learn to ignore certain evils expressed through comments, and if they degenerate, not be shy to report these situations in order to have a secure future on the Internet. we may not notice, even if we look closely.

Explicit cases of intimidation through social media applications have attracted considerable attention in recent years. During the Digital Drama workshop (26. 3. 2021.), 6th graders answered the question “How do children experience digital drama online?”

Cyberbullying can certainly be a deeply disturbing experience and can leave deep scars on everyone involved. But many teens who have stressful social issues online don’t really consider their experiences to be “cyberbullying.”

The goal of today’s workshop is not necessarily to label certain cases as digital drama but to start thinking more nuanced about the challenges teens face as friends and lesser-known people connect with them through different means. /Sorana Cioacă – VI A/

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