Online workshop on ABC of Media training

The students of the 7th grade B within the YOUNG JOURNALIST Project, from the Mihai Eminescu Alexandria Gymnasium School, under the coordination of Voicu-Popescu Corina and Groseanu-Lungu Gina, participated in February 2021 in a workshop on ABC MEDIA TRAINING.

During the activity, an informative material was presented which aimed at:

What does a journalist do?

Steps to becoming a journalist.

Journalism programs.

During the workshop, we started with a topic for the article and made a plan for the article. They took into account: who to ask for information, what will be the questions, what photos will accompany them, discussions with the workshop leader.

Students understood what the news is, how the topics were selected, what are the steps to achieve good news, with an impact on readers. Following the activity, the students presented the feedback:

The student Draghici Octavian mentions: „The activity was very interesting and now I know what are the steps I have to take to make good news.”

Student Groseanu Teodora says: „The role of the journalist is very important in making a story; journalists must be motivated and persevering in their efforts to get the best news. „

Regarding the coordination of the workshop, the student Descultu Miruna points out: „We thank teachers Groseanu and Voicu for their involvement and concern so that we can get to know the ABC OF MEDIA TRAINING. „ /Ionita Liviu – VII B/

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