Workshop for 7th grade students about audiovisual

The workshop “Audiovisual~ ADVERTISING / COMMERCIALS/ NEWS” was held on 16 January 2022  at the Secondary School Mihai Eminescu, Alexandria. The workshop was held for students from seventh graders by the teacher Narcisa Cristea.


  • Introduction of students in notions about news / advertisement / publicity-
  • Developing skills to sort the false news from the true ones or the true advertisement from the false one
  • Explore the concept of advertising / news.

Analysis of various news about the Coronavirus-false / true pandemic, the difference between advertisements and publicity, persuasion techniques used in advertisements, etc.

Feedback offered by the students:

Dragu Ana:

-I learned in this workshop to differentiate between true and false news.

If I receive fake news, I know how to look for that news on several sites and official sources to find out if it is true or false news, to be careful what ads like ads I access on the internet.

Currently, I manage to get out of the trap of false news and I realize if a piece of information received is false or true.

Carabasu Miruna:

-This workshop helped us to differentiate between advertising and publicity, to know that before purchasing a product presented in an advertisement or recommended by someone to look for more reviews about it. New terms in the field of news were explained to us. / advertising and I found out what persuasion techniques are used by the authors of the advertisements.

Preda Daria:

-I explored the concepts of advertising/publicity/news working with and based on advertisements/news published on the internet. I learned that sometimes it is better not to trust all the television recommendations, because some may not be useful, or even dangerous if are not approved by specialists. /Dragu Ana Maria, 7A/

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