Third graders learned about the power of image in the media

On Friday, March 26, 2021, the workshop “POWER OF THE IMAGE: the role of the image in the media content” took place with the students of the 3rd grade, in the classroom of the “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School, coordinated by Mrs. Nicolescu Mihaela. The objectives of this workshop were to explore the concepts of media manipulation and to understand the place and role of media in the dynamics of contemporary society.

The students participating in the workshop were divided into three teams, each team designating a leader. The teams received two photos for analysis. They expressed their views on whether the images were made by chance or for a well-defined purpose and what was the intention of the person who made the image. The leader of each team presented the group’s response to each request as well as the emotions caused by each image.

Next, the students watched a presentation on how images influence us. It is known that an image is a tool that can influence media consumers because they often attract attention in magazines, newspapers, or articles to the detriment of the titles of articles.

In the presentation, students viewed technically retouched photos and creatively retouched photos to understand the significant role in conveying the message. Following the images, they discovered the retouched defects such as:

-temporary defects on the skin surface;

-permanent skin defects;

-excess of objects on clothes;

– deviations of the appearance from the beauty standards;

-image clarity;


-light etc

The students concluded that most of the images transmitted by the media have a message that pursues a specific purpose. So a photograph, although supposed to describe the truth, may actually involve some form of manipulation of both the object and the message. The right photo has the power of highlighting the message transmitted by the news. /Preda Iustina , IV A/

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