Workshhop – Media manipulation tools

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the online workshop “Media manipulation tools” was held with students of the 5th grade of the “Mihai Eminescu” Gymnasium School, coordinated by teacher Gusa Georgiana.

The objectives of this workshop were:

• Exploring the concepts of manipulation, developing the critical spirit,.

• Identification of quality information and manipulative messages, analysis and critical interpretation of media products

• Understanding the place and role of media in the dynamics of contemporary society

• Expressing one’s own opinions and attitudes towards the received contents

• Knowledge of the rules of rational and responsible exploration of the environment as a recreation and information activity.

The students were presented with a supporting text, which they analyzed using the I-Know-How-I-Want-to-Know method. They expressed their views that media manipulation techniques are varied and listed some of them.

Next, the students watched a presentation on how the media influences us. It is known that mass manipulation is a tool that can influence media consumers, and the interest in manipulating public opinion can have both governments and others. economic institutions, parties or groups.

The students were then divided into 3 groups, each student writing on the jamboard 2 ways to avoid manipulation, then discussed them in the group and chose 4 representative ideas for each group.

Each group presented its ideas in plenary.

As the last task, the students were divided into 2 groups, to analyze the negative impact of information intoxication that can be caused by the media.

  • The first group proposed examples of forms of manipulation in the media.
  • The second group listed examples of negative effects that media manipulation can have, and suggested suggestions for how to avoid it.
  • The students presented the examples and suggestions in plenary.

At the end, the students concluded the following:

Roxana Cobarlie: “I consider it very important to know how to avoid manipulating the media because in this way we exercise our freedom of thought and decision.”

Bogdan Paunica: “Even if we are children, we must verify, as much as possible, the information received and pay attention to the title and content.

Maria Popescu: “Let’s not allow anyone to draw conclusions in our place and not let ourselves be manipulated by false information.” /Popescu Maria, 6 A/

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