Workshop for parents – Positive and negative media content

The workshop “POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE MEDIA CONTENT: media influence and opportunities for parents” took place through the Google Meet application on 1 April 2021, which was attended by 26 parents of third grade A students from the “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School. The objectives of the workshop were to differentiate between positive and negative media content, the importance of parental protection, and the use of educational media content. Mrs. Nicolescu Mihaela presented in the introductory part the positive and negative media impact, the consequences of excessive internet use, and what parents can do in these situations.

In discussions with parents, they stated that they use parental controls on their children’s smartphones or iPod touch devices and that the sites they use are mainly games and music. They were very often used during the courses when the courses were held online and they could only get in touch with other colleagues through the mentioned devices.

Ms. Petre Alexandra argued that students at this age should not have open accounts on Instagram or Facebook, to avoid posting pictures, videos that can lead to online harassment. Children need contact, connection, and receiving and offer love. If this need for attachment is not met, the child will develop an attachment to the device in an attempt to meet this need.

Mr. Raicu Ştefan concludes that parents must be aware of these sensitivities and vulnerabilities of children, to understand the responsibility they have towards them, caring for them and protecting them from possible addictions and the negative consequences that may occur such as removal from friends,, the appearance of tensions in the relationship with the family, of some health problems (headaches, insomnia, obesity, etc.).

The conclusion drawn from the discussions is that the Internet brings many benefits to life and is very rich and varied in what it offers, but should be used by children only for educational purposes./Mihaela Nicolescu/

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