60 years since Ivo Andrić received the Nobel Prize

                                       60 years since Ivo Andrić received the Nobel Prize

The history of the Balkans is full of colorful and important personalities. Ivo Andrić (1892-1975) was born in the Bosnian town Travnik. He was educated in many different cities. He received the Nobel Prize on December 10, 1961, for literature.

  • His most famous works are:
  • The Bridge on the Drina
  • The Damned Yard
  • Bosnian Chronicle
  • About story and storytelling
  • Omer-Pasha Latas

In Serbia, a great jubilee was marked – 60 years since the awarding our famous writer, Ivo Andrić with the Nobel Prize for Literature. In our school, as in all schools in Serbia, Serbian language classes on December 10th, 2021 were dedicated to this great man of Serbian literature. On that occasion, the National Library in Ćićevac organized an exhibition of books by Ivo Andrić. The exhibition was visited by students of the 5th and 8th grade of the elementary school “Dositej Obradović” from Ćićevac with their teachers Gordana Macić and Snežana Antić. On that occasion, we are talking to Snezana Antic.

Ivo Andrić

How would you describe this exhibition?

The exhibition was organized in the library hall so that visitors could come to each exhibition to see what our library has from the works of this famous writer, pick up a book, open it and even sit down and read a passage. The books were arranged thematically. Our students mostly stayed next to the tables where the books included in the school curriculum were arranged. I briefly introduced each of them in which grade of primary or secondary school it is planned to be read and analysed.

What did you like most about the exhibition of Andrić’s books?

My favorite thing is that I visited this exhibition with students from my class 5/2. I am glad that they show interest in books and reading. The students listened attentively to everything that the librarians said about the work of Ivo Andrić and the Nobel Prize.

Which of his novels do you like the most?

You probably expect me to say The Bridge on the Drina, a novel for which he won the Nobel Prize. I certainly like that novel. My comment is irrelevant after the recognition he received for it 60 years ago. Another of his novels that I really like is The Damned Yard. I recently read it again. The composition of the novel and the philosophy of life of the main characters of that novel always amaze me again and again.

What do you remember the most?

A visit to the bridge from Andrić’s novel. As a student, on an excursion, I visited Višegrad. When I stepped on the magnificent stone bridge, I had the impression that I immersed myself in Andrić’s novel and that all the characters from the novel are on the bridge with me. I fully felt the atmosphere of life in the Bosnian town.

 Do you have any recommendations for readers?

Whatever story or novel by Ivo Andrić you read, you will enrich your thoughts and soul. Enjoy the story and story of the master of storytelling. /Author Vojin Paunović/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper Đačka iskra

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