Workshops held in the Elementary School “Vojvoda Prijezda” in Stalać

Within the Erasmus Plus project “Young journalists of today, responsible digital citizens of tomorrow”, one of the activities is the holding of workshops created for this project in schools of neighboring municipalities, towns, and cities.

At the beginning of February (7th-9th of February 2021), 5 different workshops were held for different grade students of the elementary school “Vojvoda Prijezda”. With seventh grade students, our teacher held workshops “Information and clickbait headlines” and “Copyright”, with sixth grade students a workshop “Captors of attention in commercials” and a workshop “Media Messages”, and with fifth grade students a workshop “Digital Drama” due to the current situation and topic.

Photos and evaluations of the workshop, as well as student comments, can be seen in the gallery. /Biljana Vučković/


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