Through a card-like game, eighth-graders learned about EU values

A workshop on the EU values in grade 8B was held on February 2, 2022.

The game was like playing cards, but instead of aces, kings, and queens, we gathered freedom, solidarity, the rule of law, equality, tolerance, respect for human rights, and respect for human dignity. Namely, those were the names of the cards that we eighth graders received in the community class “to play cards” on the topic of European Union values.

Each of the mentioned cards was in a certain colour, and in order to get the desired card, we had to answer correctly to one of the 32 questions about the values of the European Union. By “playing cards”, we have learned that solidarity in the EU, among other things, means that less affluent regions of the EU receive additional financial support. We have also learned that equality in the EU means that citizens studying in another Member State pay the same tuition fees as students from that country.

A workshop on the EU values in grade 8A was held on January 17, 2022.

The EU opposes hate speech based on race, gender, religion, or nationality

We have learned that freedom also means that EU citizens can express their opinions without fear of imprisonment. However, hate speech calling for harm to other individuals or groups is not allowed. From the rule of law card, we have learned that all victims and suspects have the right to a fair trial in the EU and that all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

By collecting human rights respect cards, we have learned that all EU Member States must fight against hate speech based on race, gender, religion, or nationality. From one of the cards entitled Respect for Human Dignity, we have learned that child labour, slavery, and labour exploitation are banned in the EU.

We held this “card” community class as part of our Erasmus + project “Let’s Think Sustainable”. By the end of this project, five eighth-graders should visit The European Parliament. /Magdalena Ivšak, 8A; photo: S. L./

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper  Klinček

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