About the beautiful person, Dan Puric

I had some special moments when I met Dan Puric, a writer and a wonderful man whose words changed my life. A meeting took place this month at the Youth Centre, in Alexandria. He was part of an event, meant for the young people in our town, youngsters who want to know more about literature, patriotism, and wisdom.

Who is he? you might ask…

Well, let me introduce him to all of you:  Dan Puric is a great patriot and lover of the country, a man of character who transcends any limit of beauty, a man of wisdom who makes you delve into thoughts, emotions, feelings, a man who without a doubt can change lives. He is a man full of wisdom who changes your attitude and makes you look at everything from a different perspective. Although he is realistic, he combines bitter reality with harmony and hope and awakens in your heart the feeling of love for the country, the desire for change, and the longing for the old times.

He has a charm of words that penetrates to the depths of your soul and makes you feel unique, to feel that you are important and that you have a role in society: to promote and transmit the education, history, culture, and language of the Romanian people! In his writings, I found a quote that conveys a message with a special emotional charge: “Along with the past, the future disappears, the man of today pedaling in vain in a continuous present, living with the being only in one dimension of time – and that distorted – means the slow but sure death of identity. “

What can we see from here? The powerful alarm message regarding the rebirth of the Romanian people. We need rebirth, unity, understanding, and peace among ourselves, and that depends on each of us. The feeling of love and devotion towards the country should be transmitted by each of us to future generations so that the Romanian people will last forever, be strong people, and have no end. Dan Puric touched my heart and I will always carry him there, fondly remembering his advice and his words that never go wrong.

Do you know what helped me the most during this meeting? – the fact that I understood that I am unique, that I am able to overcome any challenge, that I must be strong and devoted to my goals. I understood that beauty comes from the attitude, from the smile, from the way you love and show your empathy towards those around you, from a sincere heart.

I learned what appreciation means and how to achieve success, which cannot exist without work. Dan Puric changes perspectives, turns fears into courage, distrust of ambition, confidence, perseverance, and dedication.

It is clear that every word has been spoken from the heart to strengthen and make people aware of their true value. I am grateful to him because through his words I have more confidence in myself, I can smile, love, tolerate although sometimes it is hard for me, I have learned to fight for my dreams and not be afraid to confess what I feel! He is a good and pure person and this can be seen from all his gestures, attitudes, and words:

“The beautiful person  today is the one who climbs up the ladder, facing not only the descending flock but also its insults!”

“What do certain memories have in them that cannot be forgotten? Probably there are pieces of the soul that always accompany you!” Dan Puric / Dragu Anamaria, VIII A/

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper MEDIA  GENER@TION.


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