Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – student exchange March 21, 2022

Since 2019, our school has been participating in the “Erasmus +” project entitled “Young Journalists of Today – Responsible Digital Citizens of Tomorrow”. The planned student exchanges had to wait for a while until safer conditions for meetings were created, and finally, that time has come – today! Students and teachers from Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, and of course Serbia are participating in this project.

Our team of teachers and students welcomed teams from other countries and introduced them to our school. Then, an introductory workshop was held, and then, after visiting our church, a meeting was held with representatives of our municipality. All participants were given appropriate gifts with the motives of our municipality. After lunch, presentations were held by all students. Presentations were made in various Web programs (Canva, Zohopublic, and Sway Office), and all were related to the sights and beauties of our country. The end was marked by a small Cahoot quiz about Serbia, where we showed enviable knowledge.

The local TV crew made a report on our exchange of students for the Ćićevac Chronicle, so you can watch it at this link

The first day was really nice and instructive. We hung out and enjoyed it and made friends, I hope, for a lifetime. /Аuthor Milan Todorović/

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