“Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – student exchange March 23, 2022

Journalism is a profession or activity of people who present us with various information about events, problems, important people, etc. Before the presentation, these people-journalists collect, analyze and check the information we read in their articles. The article is completed if it is accompanied by a photograph. However, there are journalists who are photojournalists and whose photos speak louder than words.

Photojournalists use their photographs to show and evoke events more than long articles. He or she must be honest, and the photo must be clear and accurate without adding any “effects”. Photojournalists provoke people’s reactions with their photographs because one moment, one look, someone’s tear, a child’s smile, a handshake speaks more about the topics they present. Topics are all around us, and a good photojournalist knows how to recognize and show them in the right way.

On the third day of our socializing and work on the project, the topic was photojournalism. In the morning, the educator Ilija Jovanović told us about fake photos in the media.

 Journalist Jelena Markovic, an employee of the Centar Press Trstenik, explained the difference between a photojournalist and a journalist, as well as the difference between a photojournalist and a photographer. The tips are directed to what you need to pay attention to if you want to be a photojournalist.

 A wonderful, sunny, spring day while walking on Bagdala, a hill above Kruševac provided a lot of challenges and opportunities for us to become photojournalists. New friends had the opportunity to get to know a part of our history and culture by watching miniatures of our churches. A walk through Bagdala was wonderful.

In the afternoon workshop, we created an article and chose the best photos within our groups which were published by our journalist Jelena on Centar Press

https://centarpress.rs/erazmus-plus-mladi-novinari-iz-cetiri-zemlje-na-razmeni-u-srbiji/ /Аuthor Ena Mićić/


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