“Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – student exchange March 24, 2022

March 24 was the fourth day of mobility in Serbia, and my fourteenth birthday, so the first activity was singing a birthday song to me!

After that, the students continued socializing and doing workshops with journalist Jelena Markovic, which were called “Real young journalists – can we trust social media?” And “How can I make a real journalism story?”.

The students learnt how to better educate themselves, how advertisements on social networks work, how they are created and how they capture attention. We played various characters, such as Angry Director, IT Manager, and Marketing Manager, to make learning more interesting.

Since we were on Bagdala on Wednesday and had the task of being photojournalists, we were supposed to write an article for gledaj.rs together. We shared the roles of who will be the photo editor and the article editor, of course all with the help of colleagues. You can read the article at gledaj.rs.

 After successfully completed work, we walked to the Pionirski Park, where our task was to take pictures for the front page. We walked to Kosturnica and had the opportunity to see the monument to despot Stefan Lazarevic, the church of St. George and the fountain, as well as the Actors’ Square near the Krusevac Theater.

And so our young journalists spent their fourth day in Serbia, getting to know each other even better and improving their English language skills. /Аuthor Saška Krkić/


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