Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – student exchange March 25, 2022

We spent the last day of our project in Vrnjačka Banja and Kruševac. In the morning we went to the Business Incubator Center. Here we had the task to record our impressions of this project. And then we all rehearsed and performed a song together as a choir “Shiny happy people” by REM and the teachers recorded it. You can watch the video on Facebook page  of our school posted on March 25th.

After this we left for Vrnjačka Banja. There we visited the Bridge of Love. The Bridge of Love is a bridge where couples put their padlock with initials and throw keys into the water as a symbol of unbreakable love. We also visited the spring,  the waterfall, and the Japanese garden. After the tour, we had a lunch break at the restaurant “Breza”, and after that free time.

In the evening we returned to Kruševac and had a small party. Children from other countries bought us presents, and we gave them chocolates, magnets, and diaries. In the end, all participants received certificates of participation and it was the time to say goodbye. Everyone cried that they were leaving, although we will see most of them again in a few weeks at the new exchange of students in Skopje.

 News about our project was also published on Temnić.info, which is the digital newspaper of our neighbouring municipality Varvarin. /Аuthor Anđelija Danilović/

Prezentacija učenika o mobilnosti u Srbiji

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