Media coverage of the second student exchange in North Macedonia

The activities that took place during the second student exchange in North Macedonia in the period of 11-15.04.2022 were published in 25 Macedonian portals. The coordinators from each partner-school as well as the headmaster of the Croatian school gave short statements for the media.

The published articles are available on the following links:ооу-лазо-ангеловски-домаќин-на-кратко/ооу-лазо-ангеловски-домаќин-на-кратко/–proektot-mladi-novinari-denes-odgovorni-digitalni-gragjani-utre?fbclid=IwAR2u_rm_66XUJ9UK8V49FePXD8VbaOv4VEJwnuX1o7-MOFuio8GcdWlJiPM–proektot-mladi-novinari-denes-odgovorni-digitalni-gragjani-utreооу-лазо-ангеловски-домаќин-на-кратко/ооу-лазо-ангеловски-домаќин-на-кратко/

ООУ Лазо Ангеловски домаќин на краткорочна размена на ученици во рамките на Еразмус + проектот „Млади новинари денес-одговорни дигитални граѓани утре“


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