“Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – second exchange of students in N. Macedonia (13. 4. 2022)

Today was the third day of our student exchange in Macedonia and the participants had another possibility to work in teams and develop their investigating skills through different activities, which were part of the guided walking tour through Skopje followed with a treasure hunt activity.

The activities started at the highest point in the city, the Kale Fortress. The students were divided into 5 teams and had to work together to solve different tasks. During our visit of the Kale Fortress, we were given a short introduction about the history of the fortress and we had our first task: to find the well next to the military base.

The second activity was done further down in the city, in the Mustafa Pasha mosque, where the teams had to count the domes in the mosque.

The third activity was at the church of the Holy Savior, where the teams had to find a certain carving in the ancient iconostasis.

For the forth activities we are taken down to the main street in the Old Bazaar where we could see the famous three monuments, the Mustafa Pasha mosque, Kursumli An and Daut Pasha Haman. Our task here was to guess the area of the mosque.

The fifth activity took place at the Jewish quarter and the Holocaust museum, where are had to find the house of Ibni Pajko.

The sixth activity was in the center of the city at the Warrior on the horse statue, where the students had to find where the city’s coat of arms is located. The seventh and the last treasure hunt activity was about Mother Theresa, where the students had to answer some questions about her as well some facts about the whole tour.

The winner was the third team in which were the following students: Dragan Bozhikj (Macedonia), Sashka Kurkich and Andrijana Glubovich (Serbia), Petra Kushec (Croatia) and Olteanu Radu Mihai and Păunică Bogdan Ionuț (Romania).

Our walk finished at the Memorial home of Mother Theresa where the students had an opportunity to learn some more information about Mother Theresa. 

Here is a short video from the Treasure hunt activity from the walking tour in Skopje 

Author: G. Azmanov (9-1)

Photos: M. Ognenovska


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