“Young journalists of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow” – second exchange of students in N. Macedonia (14. 4. 2022)

Today was the fourth day of our students exchange in Macedonia and the students had another opportunity to work in teams and improve their knowledge and skills though the two workshops that were held during the day.

The first workshop was on the topic “Is is a trick or does it deserve my click?” that was held by Monika Aksentievska and Kiril Przo from the Institute of communication studies. During the workshop, the students had the opportunity to learn about what are news and why the media is important in our societies, to get familiar with the types of disinformation and their purpose, how to recognize them as well as the ways they can report disinformation on the social medias and in the media organizations.

After the short break for refreshments and the possibility to socialize between each other, we had our second workshop on the topic “Filter bubbles” that was held by our English language teacher and our school Erasmus+ coordinator, Ljubica Ruzhinska. During this workshop, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the phenomenon of “filter bubbles” and learn through practical examples how to avoid them and change them in their everyday interaction on the internet, on the internet platforms as well as on the social media networks.

After the workshop, the participants went for a lunch at the city restaurant “Dvor”, which was followed by a very interesting activity: a visit to the escape room Cube where through an interesting and unique way, working in teams, they had to find all the clues, solve all the riddles, open all the hidden doors and deal with all the unusual objects and mechanisms in order to open the main door and “escape” the room. 

Author: D. Bozhikj (9-6)

Photos: M. Ognenovska


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