34th Annual Book Fair

7 May 2022 marks the third day of the 34th Book Fair, which has been held in the well-known location, the sports center “Boris Trajkovski” for the last few years.

The book fair is one of the most important cultural events in the country, which has the largest number of domestic and foreign authors, contemporary and classical literary works, professional scientific and fiction literature, textbooks and school textbooks, encyclopedias and books regarding culture and art.

Despite the fact that it was the third day of the fair, there were many people, famous writers however there was no shortage of books. This event was special for book lovers everywhere especially this year, because due to the pandemic the annual book fair was not held for two years straight.

This year, an organized group of ninth grade students from the Primary School Lazo Angelovski together with their Macedonian language teacher Blagica Angelovska visited the book fair. With obvious enthusiasm, curiosity, joy and interest, the students visited the publishing houses, reviewed the exhibited books, became interested in the contents, talked to the moody booksellers, asked for advice on what book they should buy based on their needs and taste and which book they will read with great pleasure in their free time.

Some of the most famous writers who were present at the fair were: our Macedonian language teacher, Dushko Trifunovski, who led the stand for literatura.mk, the actor and writer Igor Dzambazov, as well as Elizabeta Bakovska and Sasho Dimoski who were promoting their newest book – „Во главата пишувам расказ / I am writing a story in my head…“

Author: G.Azmanov (9-1)

Photo: G.A.

The original article is published in the school online digital newspaper L.A. IN-formator


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