Croatian motivational letters for mobility – Romania

Lorena Poljak

Dear Erasmus+ Staff,

My name is Lorena, I am 14 years old and I am a 7th grade student at the Sveti Petar Orehovec elementary school. I come from a small village Miholec.

I am a member of the debate club and so far I have been to 2 debate tournaments. One of them was an ad hoc debate. It is a debate in which you get the thesis just before the debate starts.

I think the Erasmus + project is a great opportunity to make new friends, meet new cultures, and learn something new. I was convinced of that at mobility in Serbia. Mobility in Serbia was a beautiful and dear experience for me and that is why I am happy to be able to participate in mobility in Romania. There I have met friends with whom I am still in contact and can’t wait to see them again in Romania. Like most other people, I really like traveling. I believe that this mobility in Romania will be a moment to remember because I have never been to Romania. I hope we will have the opportunity to see many interesting places.

I am looking forward to mobility in Romania and I hope to make new friends again, have fun and learn something new.

Best regards,

Lorena Poljak

Dear Erasmus+ Staff,

Fran Košutić

My name is Fran. I am 13 years old, and I live in Sveti Petar Orehovec in a big family, and I am the youngest one. I am special because my sisters and brother are older than 16 years from me.

I am 7th grade student. My favourite activities in schools are the Red cross, the ecological group, and the art group. Because I live in the village it is important for me that my environment is clean, and that I contribute to the ecological group. I like to help people in need and that is an important thing that my family taught me. Outside school I attend activities fire worker, sing in the choir and sometimes play football.

With my sisters and brother, I travel fain in Croatia and outside of Croatia, so I have the opportunity to see some of the big cities and events in Europe. I like to meet new people, new places, and their history.

Erasmus+ will for me a new and unforgettable experience because I would like to meet new friends and a new country where I have never been. Our topic fake news is very important because of everything that is happening in the world, so it is very important to learn how to differentiate between real and fake news.

On mobility in Serbia with the help of various workshops on fake news, I learned a lot of important things about journalism. I liked working in groups with children from other countries and exchanging ideas with them about common tasks.

I’m looking forward to seeing again the students I met on mobility in Serbia and getting to know a new country that has a lot to show us.


                    Fran Košutić

Dear Erasmus,+ staff,

Gabrijel Kurpez

My name is Gabrijel Kurpez, I am 6th grade student in Elementary school Sveti Petar Orehovec. I am 4th grade student in a Music school where I’m learning how to play the accordion. Besides my obligatory classes, I attend various extracurricular activities: aesthetic design, dance club, and math. In my free time after school, I often stay in the schoolyard to play football with my friends, and on the weekends, we go fishing on the nearby pond Ravenska Kapela.

My parents have a farm, and I help them when I can but mostly, I love it when my father gives me to drive a tractor. I love cooking and I will love to be a chef in the future. My favourite dish to cook is stew and my parents say that I make the best pancakes and of course, I like to eat them, especially the breaded pancakes.

I already participated in the Erasmus+ project in Serbia, and I came home with a great experience, I like the activities that we work on and mostly I liked that I experienced a new culture and tried their kitchen. Because of that, I would like to participate again in mobility in Romania to learn the English language better and to learn more things about journalism because I realize how the media have a big impact on our lives. And least I hope that I will see some vampires in Romania.


Gabrijel Kurpez

Dear Erasmus+ Staff,

My name is Filip, and I am a student in the 8th grade of the Sveti Petar Orehovec Elementary School. I am 14 years old. I love learning languages especially English. In the 7th grade, I
participated in the Hippo competition in English and I hope that my knowledge of English will help me communicate with students from other countries on mobility in Romania.

I was on mobility in Serbia where I have learned a lot of stuff about fake news and I met new friends there but I hope that I will see them once again in Romania. I am a tolerant, fun, and active person. I like to collaborate in different workshops with new friends, especially in 
English In anticipation of being elected to the school Erasmus+  team that will travel
to Romania.

Best regards, 

                             Filip Kušec

Dear Erasmus+  Staff,

My name is Lea Hrandek and I’m 13 years old.  I’m going in 7th grade and I live in Gušćerovec, a little place near my school. I’m a member of the journalism and art group.

The journalist group prepares articles for Klinček, the school’s digital newspaper, and our art group makes the animated films. I think I would be a good participant in Erasmus+ mobility because I love journalism and I’m interested in photography.

I expect to learn more things about journalism in Romania so I can write better articles for Klinček.

Meeting new people is amazing to me. When I was in Ćićevac, Skopje, and Seixal I made some good friendships and learned new things about fake news.

I learned new things about Portuguese, Serbia, and N. Macedonia culture. In Portugal, I made more friends than in Serbia and N. Macedonia, but all the people I met were awesome.

I have never been to Romania and I hope I will learn many things about Romanian culture and customs.

In my free time, I read books, draw, take photos, and play the piano.  I also love to listen to music and learn new things, and I’m always ready for new challenges.

Yours sincerely, Lea Hrandek


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