Serbian students motivational letters for Romania

Hi! My name is Milan  Todorović. I’m 11 years old and I go to Primary school „Dositej Obradovic“. I live in a quiet small place called Ćićevac and I’m a member of the journalistic section.

I’m very interested in journalism and when I grow up I want to be a journalist. I love to write very much and in my free time, I write for our school magazine. I’m a hardworking person and my dream is to work on FOX NEWS. I’m a dedicated person and I have a lot of friends. My parents support me in writing and I really want to be successful in this job. In my free time, I also love to read texts from other students and compare them to mine. I’m a member of local football team and I have a few trophies. I’m also very good at English and I can talk to other children who don’t speak my language. I’m also a determined and responsible person. I hate being late and I think it’s unprofessional both in journalism and in life.

Thanks to this project I can improve myself and my work and become friends with children who live abroad. I have already met some friends from Macedonia and Romania during the mobility in Serbia and North Macedonia, and now I would like to travel to Romania to see them again and to meet more new students. I think I’m a good candidate for this mobility and I would like very much to see Alexandria. 

I’m sure when we end this project we will be better journalists and I will be one step closer to my dream.

Hi, I’m Ena Micic, I’m 13 years old, currently in 7th grade. I’m from Cicevac, Serbia. I have been involved in Erasmus+ project and I’ve written a lot of articles about the activities in our school and in our town which helped me become a great student. I think I’m suitable for this project to promote education, to develop my English communication skills and to learn how to spot fake news. I love to travel, have conversations with new people and share great experiences together. I am interested in seeing other cultures and I see this project as an opportunity because I like to exchange my points of view with others. I am a friendly person and I’d love to meet new people and see friends I haven’t seen in Mobility in Macedonia. I’m looking forward to mobility in Romania. 

With kind regards, Ena

Dear Erasmus + Staff,

My name is Jovana Vidačak, and I am  14 years old, I am going to 7th grade elementary school in Cicevac. I like drawing and painting, watching movies, spending time with my family and friends and most of all I like traveling.I am a member of the journalism section and I write articles for the school newspaper.

This was the frist time I participated in the Erasmus + project, but I hope not the last, this projecd allowed me to meet new people and visit new places.I am looking forward to Mobility in Romania, because I will hang out with friends I met at Mobility in Serbia and Nort Macedonia.

I believe that on mobility in Romania I will learn something new about journalism and Alexandria where we will stay during the mobility.I am very sorry that Mobility in Romania is the last mobility in this project and I will try to spend as much time as possible hanging out with my friends because I do not know when I will have the opportunity to se them next time.


Jovana  Vidačak

Dear Erasmus+ staff, 

Hello, my name is Saška Krkić, I am 14 years old and I’m from Ćićevac, Serbia. I’m an active member of our media section. I am writing to you in regards of the mobility in Alexandria, Romania.

I have participated in the past mobilities held in Serbia and North Macedonia. They were very fun and memorable. I am certian that it will be as equaly fun in Romania because we are going to a new country that is very unique by itself. Romania is a country i was always curious about and it would be a pleasure to travel there. I hope to learn something new about journalism there to expand my knowlegde surounding it. Of course, i can’t wait to go sight seeing, as I said, it is a very unique place and quite differant from the other places I’ve been to. I love finding out new stuff about culture, history and geography as it’s something I’ve been interested since i was very young. I think I shouldn’t have any problomes with comunication since my english is very good.

But what I think will be the best part is that I will see my dear friends I’ve made from the past mobilities. I’m sure we all have great memories from them and are excitied to make new ones and my colleagues and I can’t wait to see what Romania offers.

Best regards and see you soon,

Saška Krkić

Hello! I`m Vojin Paunović and this is my  motivational letter. I`m 11, I live in a small town called Cicevac. I like to read and write news for our school. I`m hard work, talkative and friendly.  I go to the 5th grade. I like journalism, now I have 10 news on school site called „ Djacka iskra „.  The company Erasmus + started a project „young journalismts today, responsible people of tomorow“.  The plan of this project is to train young journalists  how to improve their knowledge of journalism. Project also serves to meeting children from other countries. This is my 2nd student exchange, and this exchange I going to Romania. I always want to meet Bukurest and Temishvar.

He shows you what it looks like when you work with someone related to a bussines  presentation , he involes us in the right bussines community.  I think i`ts nice to be a part of that community.  Student exchange allows us  to  se the: culture, languages, customs, traditional  fir, and beautifull buildings of a very long period.   Thank you Erasmus + for allowing me to travel, make new friends and visit these countries that will leave memories I will never forget. See you on May 29th . See you!

Hello! My name is Janja Pekic, I’m sure we have met before. In case we haven’t, there’s another chance for that! I am 14 years old, attending 8th grade and I’m from Cicevac, Serbia. I am a member of our school media group and I’ve written some articles for our school newspaper. I applied for Erasmus+ project in order to learn something new, meet new people and make friends in foreign countries. Since the mobility in Serbia was really successful and fun, I’m looking forward to mobility in Romania in a few days. I hope that I will learn something new about journalism and have a wonderful time as in Serbia. Communication should not be a problem, my English skills are quite good. I can’t wait to see my friends who traveled to Serbia, as well as to meet new ones. 

                        Yours sincerely with respect, Janja


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