Dositej’s ecologists actively protect and preserve nature

Nature protection is a set of activities that are carried out for the preservation of natural resources and values. The biggest problem, often of global proportions, is the pollution caused by man’s activities (wild dumps, water, and air pollution…). Our task is to protect the air, water, land, flora, and fauna in order to preserve and protect nature.

There is an ecology group in our school led by biology teacher Sladjana Jovanovic. Members of this group promote and awaken environmental awareness of the importance of environmental protection by making panels, lectures, and forums in our school.

Оne of the notable activities of this group is the exhibition of works by 4th and 5th grade students. They made houses and feeders for the resident birds with the intention of setting them up on Mojsinje near the ecological classroom in nature. The outcome of this activity is getting to know the birds in our environment within ornithology, gaining knowledge about the ways in which bird species survive, and caring for animals.

Members of the environmental section from the fifth to the eighth grade are included in the pilot project “The role of students in environmental protection”, which was granted to us by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Various activities are planned within the project action plan. Last week, our school was visited by representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, who delivered a lecture “Protection and preservation of nature“. The lecture was attended by teaching staff as well as members of the ecology group. /Author Vojin Paunović/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper Đačka iskra

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