What we would like to copy from our neighbours from Northern Macedonia

With the help of the Erasmus + project “Young journalists of today, responsible digital citizens of tomorrow”, my friends and I were able to visit Northern Macedonia from April 10 to 16 and meet many new friends.

There are a lot of beautiful things to see in the school OOU “Lazo Angelovski”, but a couple of things caught our eye that would be nice for our school to add. For example, OOO “Lazo Angelovski” has two differently designed classrooms that are located in the open in the school yard, which is a really good idea that our school should add because it is much fresher outside and it is not stuffy. For younger children, they painted various games and activities on the concrete, such as “schools” that children can use during the holidays, and they also have an inclusive playground for children right next to the school. We also noticed interesting decorations that beautify the school space: colorful radiators, models of planets painted and glued to the wall above the geography cabinet, colorful plastic chests of drawers where students can put things they don’t have to take home every day…

Skopje is a beautiful city that has many large and important statues, beautiful squares, fountains and playgrounds for children, which would be great if our city got one day. In Skopje, a lot of attention is paid to ecology, so we could often see plants on the roofs of buildings and even bus stations!

Travel gives us a much wider view in many ways, and among other things, we see something beautiful that we would “copy”. We hope that our school and our municipality will help us realize at least some of these ideas. /Author Mihajlo Pantić; foto: T.M.M./

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper Đačka iskra


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