Mobility in Romania – fourth day (2 June)

Today was the fourth day of our student exchange in Romania and the participants had another possibility to work in teams and develop their investigating skills through different activities, which were part of the guided walking tour through Bucharest, where they had the chance together with the tourist guide to learn about the history of the capital of Romania.

We started the day with a visit to national television DIGI TV. Miss Andreea Georgescu that works there showed us the building, she showed us the studios and the equipment, then explained the way the news is made and presented. Each country had a representative who had the chance to present the news of the Erasmus+ mobility in Romania, as a real presenter, in a real TV studio. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we were enjoyed ourselves. The journalist also talked to us about how the children’s rights are respected in Romania and how the authorities handled the issue of the Ukrainian migrants children. At the end of the visit, we were allowed to ask her anything. We mostly asked her about her career and how she ended up working at DIGI TV.

The activities continued at Save the Children, Romania. At the beginning of the workshop, we were asked how do the perfect news are like from our point of view. All of us had the same thoughts. Afterwards, the students were divided into 2 teams and had to work together to solve different tasks. Due to these tasks, we understood what the world really wants to read. We were divided into 1. youngsters and 2. elderly. We had multiple topics and one kid was chosen to create a piece of news on that topic. We were supposed to pay attention and then express our point of view about if the news would be read by youngsters and then the elderly.

Our visit there ended with us understanding the main features of a good piece of news: right source, everyone should understand, create an interesting point of view, depending on the target reader.

After the workshop, we went on a guided walking tour in the Old Historical Centre of Bucharest where we learned about its history. The guide took us to various monuments where she told us about the past of each of it: St Anton’s Square, Royal Court National Bank, The History Museum, Calea Victoriei, and the Romanian Atheneum.

I consider these activities educative and I really enjoyed them. /Author: Cobârlie Roxana – 6 A; Photos: Ana Păunică – 7 A/

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