Mobility in Romanica – second day (31 May)

On the second day of our student exchange, we continued with presentations about our country, Romania. The topics covered in the presentations were Romanian inventors, such as Henri Marie Coanda, Petrache Poenaru, and Ana Aslan; Biggar waterfall, a natural monument, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world; Turda Salt Mine; Bran Castle – a national monument and landmark in Transylvania

After the short break, we continue with our next activity, the drama performance in which the students of the host school had different shows such as dance, singing, and reciting poetry. All the participants were pleased to see the performance of Romanian students who had a great show. 

Later on, we started the workshop “Sensationalism – Breaking News” that was held by Marius-Pop Iuliana. During the workshop, students were involved in different activities, needed to answer a couple of questions. The students learned about the purpose of sensationalism, what are the dangers of sensationalism, and what makes the difference between sensationalism and propaganda.

They had to write observations and examples about some of the pros and cons of having advertisement revenue be such a large part of how many news creators make money. The next task was to make an account on, and tried to create their own newspaper page. The students cooperated during the workshop and all the participants had opinions about the influence of sensationalism in areas other than the news. 

After the workshop, the participants had lunch in the local restaurant “Alexander”, and they went to Teleorman Sports Club.  

Andru Manea, the participant in the Erasmus+ program, was one of the representatives of the Teleorman Sports Club at the National Shooting Championship, compressed air weapons who returned home with several medals. 

The students had the opportunity to try a shooting gun under the careful guidance of coach Magdalena Dudeanu. They were delighted to take part in such an engaging activity. /Author: Valentin Dobre – 8 A; Photos: Rafael Voicu – 8 A/


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