Mobility in Romanica – third day (1 June)


Wednesday was the third day of mobility in our country. The day started with a Kahoot quiz, based on the presentations of our guests, with 25 questions. The students from Serbia, Croatia, and N.Macedonia were invited to answer the questions about the landmarks, cities, or famous buildings in Romania. 

The next activity was a warm-up one, where the students were given 2 pieces of paper. On one of them, they had half of a sentence written. 

On the blank piece of paper, they had to write something that would match the first half.  After writing, they kept the first half, and the hand-written halves were mixed. Then, the students chose another one and read the whole phrase aloud.  It was funny, indeed!

At 11 o’clock, Mrs. Georgiana Gusa, the English teacher at “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School brought the students into the light of the 5 W’s of writing a piece of news, throughout the workshop “What’s behind the news?” The students, grouped in 5 mixed teams, were presented with the people who work in a newspaper headquarters and their roles and then they got acquainted with Who, What, Where, When, and Why – The 5 W’s are the initials of the five indispensable questions to ask and to answer when writing an article so that the reader understands what has happened. They represent the first rule of good journalism, a small guide for the journalist to focus on what he wants to tell. But, at the same time, if already in the first sentence there are the answers to the 5 W, the reader is able to better understand the news, at least the gist of the story, and does not waste time looking for information that appears hidden or difficult to understand.

The presentation was followed by two activities:

Activity  1- Each team was given a piece of news.

The students had ten minutes to write the 5 W’s they could find and to share with the others the main idea and the purpose of the article.

Activity 2-  Each team was given a keyword. 

In 15 minutes, the members of each team had to write on the flipchart papers the 5 W’s necessary in order to write a sensational story/article about the keyword provided. So, they had to answer the 5 questions so as their article turned into a big hit!

After finishing the activities, everybody went to lunch and after lunch, the participants went to Vedea Forest Park, where they took part into an outdoor activity. They were asked to form four mixed teams having to interview four different personalities: a politician, a police officer, a priest, and a lawyer.  The theme was: “Children’s rights, responsibilities, and duties”. Each team asked questions and prepared a short article based on what the guests had said. /Author: Anamaria Dragu – 8 A; Photos: Denis Dumitrache – 7 A/


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