Mobility in Romania – fifth day (3 June)

As this mobility was the last one within the project, the last day of the mobility in Romania was an assessment day because our teachers wanted to see the way we improved our knowledge and media competencies by participating in all the activities of the project.

As we also improved our digital competencies and we are the students of a digital era, this activity was made by using several digital instruments: Quizziz, Lino it, and Mentimeter. So, Mrs. Mihaela Ciofalca, our Erasmus+ school coordinator, it challenged us to reflect on what we have accomplished in this project. Each of these evaluated different sides of our acknowledgment and it was really interesting and fun at the same time being able to post a picture with all my new friends from the teams, with whom I hope to remain in touch from now on.

The same as on the previous days of the mobility, this last day gave us the opportunity to find out interesting things said by a professional journalist, Mrs. Cristina Boboc, who writes articles for an online newspaper-  Exploziv News 24. She shared with us a few tips regarding journalism and the future of our digital school newspapers. 

We proudly received our Certificates, both students and teachers, and I must confess that everything I have achieved during this project will definitely help me develop as a teenager who now is more cautious and selective when choosing what to read when it comes to media and, moreover, will be able to use my critical thinking skills in the future. /Author: Ana Păunică -7 A; Photos: Radu Olteanu – 6 A/


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