The dream city

Alexandria City Hall has started the project to restore the pavement on Libertății Street, known as the pedestrian center or the center street. Reconfiguring green spaces with grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs is also a new idea of ​​the City Hall. New street furniture will be installed, with benches, rubbish bins, kiosks, and houses for commercial spaces. The aim is to build two more artesian wells. All these changes are possible due to the approval of an investment project “Reducing carbon emissions in Alexandria, by adopting an ecological public transport – Object 3 – Modernization of the pedestrian area Liberty Street”, being the most important project funded by European funds and also the more awaited by the citizens of Alexandria.

Libertății Street, the pedestrian area will be completely rehabilitated through this project. The Alexandria City Hall website presents the changes that will make our city a modern one: – the realization of the modern pedestrian pavement made of natural stone. The area will be rehabilitated so as to allow the collection and evacuation of water from the pedestrian surface; – rehabilitation and modernization of the existing artesian well and construction of two more new artesian wells, replacement of street furniture with modern objects; – landscaping by increasing the quality and surface of green spaces; – construction of new LED public lighting networks, water supply, storm sewerage, and electrical, sanitary, WI-FI and video monitoring installations. Also, Alexandria will look like a modern town of the 21st century because:

  • it will have a complex route of tracks for cyclists in length of 14,625 m,
  • the purchase of 300 bicycles, the construction of 15 bike sharing stations
  • 32 bus stations, as well as a modern bus station for the 10 electric buses, 13 charging stations for the electric buses;
  • a modern park & ​​ride parking lot with 200 parking spaces;
  • a modern traffic management system.

Two companies won the works planned by Alexandria City Hall and carried out mostly on European money.

We specify the fact that, by making this investment, at the level of Alexandria municipality, it will contribute to reducing carbon emissions; carrying out public awareness campaigns on the harmful effects of fuel consumption, carrying out public awareness campaigns on the benefits of cycling; adopting a healthy lifestyle for the people of Alexandria, depollution; development of a traffic management system and video surveillance.

Although the Alexandria rehabilitation project has been going on for too long, and we do not know when it will be completed, the people of the town are looking forward to these projects and we all hope that our town will be appreciated and visited by many people. /Popescu Maria-Alexia, VI A; Photos-Internet/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper MEDIA GENER@TION


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