Ukrainian children arrived in Alexandria

As a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, more than 1.5 million people left Ukraine in an attempt to flee the war. The vast majority of these people sought refuge in neighboring countries – Poland, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, and Romania. Millions of children have left Ukraine, many of these minors have passed away or remained in Romania. More precisely, until today, March 26, we are talking about 79,444 Ukrainian citizens who entered the territory of our country. Of these, over 40% are minors.

According to Romanian laws, the foreigners can have in Romania the following forms of protection provided by the Romanian state:

  • Giving refugee status;
  • Providing subsidiary protection;
  • Provision of temporary protection.

In order to support the refugees, the Teleorman authorities have provided accommodation for them. Thus, 7 women and 6 children arrived last week at the Residential Center for Homeless People. The 13 refugees were accommodated in the spaces provided by the City Hall. The mayor’s office also provides them with meals, primary care, and counseling.

Given the desperate situation, these people are in the pain of having given up everything they have built their whole lives and running away to save their children’s lives, the horror that they may not be able to get to a safe place. separation from the rest of the family, we appeal to all the inhabitants of Alexandria who want to help them.

Donations of any kind are welcomed, therefore,  I urge the entire school community, students, parents, and teachers, to bring a drop of hope in their souls,by helping. Together we will be able to show that the feeling of human solidarity towards those who are suffering is in each of us. /Denis Dumitrache , 7 A; Photos: Internet/

The original article is published in the school digital newspaper  MEDIA GENER@TION


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